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Love is not a limited resource

Posted on:May 4, 2021 at 03:34 AM

Love is not a limited resource. One does not run out of love because they have loved too much. Loving one does not preclude one from loving another. Often, loving one enables loving another. Love can open you to new wonders and possibilities, soften you, make you humbler and gentler, more loving. Love, in its highest form, is transformative and transcendent, unmooring your from the trappings of routine, wrapping you in the robes of a rosier reality, ensconced in a caring coccoon of nurture for the heart and nourishment for the soul, from which you emerge resplendent and magnanimous. Capable of loving ever more, ever deeper, ever stronger than before. Love makes you an Agent of Love, seeking it, seeding it, spreading it to all you meet. And in doing so, the cycle of love keeps growing, from one to another to another, immortally, infinitely, eternally.

Love is not a limited resource. Attention is.