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Terence Tuhinanshu

I am a poet, thinker, designer, developer, and a citizen of the world.

My primary medium is the web, for which I have been designing and developing front- and back-ends, databases, infrastructure, continuous integration systems, graphics, logos, and fonts privately since 1999, and professionally since 2007. I care about design, beauty, elegance, mathematics, problem solving, systems, and usefulness, and am quite lucky to study and work in a field at the intersection of all of this and more: software engineering. I have an MS in Software Engineering from Drexel University where I focused on User Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence, how people think and how machines “think”.

I care deeply about the planet, sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency, and water. I have been privileged to work on software projects focused on these climate concerns in various capacities at PSD Consulting and Azavea, and continue to do so in my current roles of Senior Software Engineer at Element 84. For a full list of credentials, find me on LinkedIn or download my resume.

I come from a family of music, and have worked on a number of projects at the intersection of technology and Indian Classical Music: Omenad, Omenad Fonts, Omescribe, and Raga Swar. I have designed and published books and albums.

I love cities and art museums and enjoy travel. I love beauty in all its forms, especially visual. I love films and television and graphic novels and video games. I love being both in front of and behind a camera.

If you’d like to contact me about climate, software, or music tech, please reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn. For photography, modeling, and other artistic collaborations, please reach out on Instagram. Or just send me an email at