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Beginning Again

Posted on:February 14, 2021 at 11:44 PM

I have had a number of publishing platforms over the years, this being at least the sixth, by my best count.

There is romance and excitement whenever beginning a new site, just as a new notebook. I can almost smell it. “What will I write here,” I wonder. “What pearls of wisdom shall manifest themselves, evoked both gently and violently from the gaping maw of possibility that is the empty prompt?” (to be read in the self-aware, self-aggrandizing, and self-mocking tone of Dr. Frasier Crane) And then you write something, and it’s not quite what you thought, and writing is hard, and why would one write at all when there’s so much to read, and even more to watch, and even more to play, and even more to converse about? Thus it goes, that another site falls to the wayside, neglected, ignored, forgotten, lost.

It is not inspiration, but discipline that keeps a site going. The more effort it takes to write, the easier it is to abandon. Once the old WordPress instance got hacked, it was easier to take it all down and leave up a static scrape, until a newer platform could be setup again. Which bring us here, using Ghost, which I’ve wanted to explore for at least five years.

The best content from the previous generations will be ported into this site. The rest can be accessed via the links categorized below, for as long as they are online.

Prior Writings

A previous accounting of my old writings can also be found here:


The feature image was taken atop Blackrock Summit at Shenandoah National Park in October 2020.

This site is built using Ghost, running on Digital Ocean.