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Peace-Time Child

Posted on:June 5, 2017 at 04:00 AM

Oh my sweet little peace-time child,
you know nothing of times of war.
When reason fades and violence spreads,
and no one knows what it’s all for.

The coming war is wild and fierce,
unlike any your ancestors survived.
When nature itself turns against man,
he must fall for once having thrived.

I wish I could spare you,
prepare you for what’s to come.
But I can’t stop what’s coming,
our fate cannot be undone.

I weep for your innocence,
soon to crash against the rising tide.
Will you flail and flop and drown?
Or just take it in your stride?

I’ve raised you the best I can,
and now I send you out to strife.
Be safe, be well, find peace again,
succeed in and survive your life.