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OSS Dynamics

Posted on:May 3, 2010 at 01:45 AM

As I was looking for bugs to fix I came across an interesting post on one of the bugs. The author of the bug report had discovered the bug, and then submitted code to be committed in. Now, either this was the wrong way to submit contributions to bugs, or the Core members simply don’t like him, he was ticked enough to express his frustration:

Some names have been blurred to protect the innocent (only if you’re too lazy to click the source link up there though). In any case, given that it is a “major” bug (as is specified in its severity), I thought that Core developers would pay more attention to it.

I think that it is important to have a diverse Core, because the elevated positions of these people require a variety of responsibilities and duties that they must fulfill. I think that if there was a core member whose job was to explicitly and only supervise bug reports, such an event would not have happened. But then again, who knows?

Another interesting question is that if you have a core that is diverse enough to handle stuff like this, why do you need a periphery at all? Does the periphery provide only quantity to a project, and not quality? The original post can be found here: