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Conversation - Between James and Terence, 4:30:10

Posted on:April 30, 2010 at 08:55 PM

Tuhinanshu 15:15

hello James

do you have a minute? 15:15

James Chy 15:17

Sure, how are things going

Tuhinanshu 15:18

Well, I was just trying to build Ant successfully in Eclipse, and I tracked down all the external libraries

but there are still problems 15:19

like I have a lot of classes called 15:19

a number of them 15:19

and they are all conflicting 15:19

Have you tried fiddling around using Eclipse of Netbeans or something yet? 15:19

James Chy 15:20

Yeah, I have not yet been able to build successfully in eclipse.. look at my blog for how to build the project from the source.

Tuhinanshu 15:20


James Chy 15:20

I used the provided build script

Tuhinanshu 15:21

I tried that but that didn’t work either. Maybe with all the libraries that I have now, I can get that to work

James Chy 15:22

Perhaps there is something on the discussion board about getting this built under Eclipse 15:23

I think there is a discussion board 15:23

I have not seen it yet 15:23

Tuhinanshu 15:24

perhaps. I guess we have to build it completely each time, even though we’re only going to work on a small bug right now?

just to make sure that it doesn’t break anything else? 15:24

James Chy 15:25

I’m not sure

I think most of the folders have test scripts with common names causing the conflicts. 15:25

Tuhinanshu 15:25

because most of these errors are in the test cases, and I’m sure that I can build it if I remove them (or at least the problematic ones)

James Chy 15:25

I’m not sure how the build script gets around that

Right, probably just need to remove some source code directoris 15:26

Tuhinanshu 15:26

and Who does that? make so many classes with the same name, and then not use package identifiers to differentiate them?

James Chy 15:27

It would be nice to be able to pull it into eclipse and the project to be organized enough for eclipse to make educated enough guesses to create a functioning project

Tuhinanshu 15:28

well, I better get back to my stuff then

thanks for the help 15:28

and if you locate that discussion board, do blog it 15:29

James Chy 15:29

I’m planning on working on that a bit more this weekend

I will 15:29

Tuhinanshu 15:29


have a nice day 15:29

bye 15:29

James Chy 15:29

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